Sales Training

These programs focus on developing key skills for successful selling, such as time and territory management, oral communications and listening skills, account management, and closing and negotiating techniques.

The Sales Development Process – Breakaway Selling

An extensive eight-week course in the “How To” of Selling. It is excellent for new sales persons as well as adding expertise for the more experienced. It is a self-paced program that allows the sales person to “earn as they learn” and can be done alone or in groups. It’s great for regional representatives who cannot take time out to travel to training. Requires 2-4 hours per week.

Introduction to Sales Training for the Non-Sales Professional

This is a one-day course designed for individuals who are non-sales professionals. Today, many IT professionals, consultants, engineers and other professional people are also responsible for holding dual roles – working internally with their own organizations as well as working externally at growing sales for their organizations. This program will assist these individuals at gaining the necessary skills to go out and get new business.

Powerful Prospecting

This hands-on interactive one-day seminar takes you beyond thinking about good prospecting and account management ideas and actually applying them in your specific business. Powerful Prospecting is about making rational, intelligent choices about:

  • Where to spend your time
  • Where to get new clients
  • What to do with marginal accounts
  • What products are best for your customer, your company and you

Powerful Prospecting is focused on your business, your clients, your products and your activities.

Effective Negotiation Selling Skills

In today’s competitive business world, all selling is becoming negotiation selling. Company representatives are facing customers with increased opportunities who possess an inordinate amount of power. To succeed you must be able to justify your prices, programs, policies and conditions and provide the customer with increased value. The Company representative must know when to make concessions, how to control concessions, and how to achieve win / win profitability for both parties.

This one-day program is designed especially for the sales professional. This program is customizable to reflect individual industry and company needs when facilitated in-house. Specific situations and scenarios are used as the basis for discussion and problem-solving.

Networking for Success

This informative and highly interactive seminar covers the basics of developing an effective network. In all walks of life, a network is a large combination of people who know you and know what you do. We all use this network to enhance our business, grow our circle of friends, and make decisions about where and what we will purchase.

Networking for Success specifically deals with:

  • Myths of Networking
  • The “Rule of 250” and the Chain of Endless Referrals
  • First Impressions and Introductions that Last
  • What to Say after Hello…
  • Your Fifteen Word Networking Statement
  • Memory Hooks – When and How to Employ them Effectively
  • Exploring Opportunities for Developing a Network
  • The Boomerang Effect – What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Building Relationships – It’s a Journey, not a Destination
  • Developing a Networking Strategy
  • Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Networking for Success can be customized to meet the specific needs of the individuals within your organization. Initial consultation may be required for customization.

 High Impact Merchandising

A review of the right Product, in the right Place, properly Priced, and Promoted by your People. The importance of “Point of Sale” presence and brand awareness will be addressed. The difference between planned and impulsive buying and its relation to effective product placement is studied as well as growing sales through high impact promotions. The human science or psychology of retail buying decision-making is covered in detail.

Profit to Space, a topic included within the placement module, gets an in-depth review. The study of sales on a per-square-foot basis and how the other P’s can have an effect on this result are compared.

The importance of establishing a Business Planning Process that monitors category management, margin growth, sales tracking via electronic means, and program execution will be thoroughly reviewed in this two-day seminar.