Both the surveys and reports are custom designed for you and results can be filtered for cross-tabulation and trend analysis purposes. Benchmark survey results for year to year comparisons.

Strategic Planning Survey

Allows you to cut down the cost of meetings, note taking, transcribing and organizing information by gathering input prior to your strategic planning activities; making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Helps you measure and understand your employees’ attitude, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction. Since employees are often your direct link to your customers, their satisfaction can be directly correlated to your customers’ satisfaction.

New Hire Survey

Measures the effectiveness of your orientation and onboarding programs. Results allow you to assess what is required to get new hires up to speed quickly, address training gaps, increase satisfaction, and enhance future programs.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Can be conducted with your internal or externals customers to:

  • Measure customer satisfaction;
  • Show customers you care about their needs and suggestions;
  • Develop customer loyalty;
  • Determine product/service enhancement needs prior to designing and launching;
  • Get reactions to new products/services;
  • Understand what influence product/service performance; and
  • Find out what your customers think of your competition.