Fairwinds Training and Development provides full service hiring for both large and small companies. Companies can choose to use our services from start to finish or for individual services listed below.

  • Ad development and placement
  • Resume reception
  • Resume screening
  • Initial interviews (alone or with client)
  • Short-listing
  • Job fit assessments
  • Second and final interviews (alone or with client)
  • Job offer and contract negotiation/signing

Fairwinds does not charge a per-placement fee as recruiting firms do. These fees reach well into the thousands. We charge on a per-hour basis and are able to provide exceptional, customized service for a fraction of the cost.

In working with individual clients, we become familiar with the specific needs of the company, the culture, the expectations, and the type of person needed to fit the particular role.

We understand the high cost of turnover, both in the hiring process and in the training invested in the recruit. Our main objective is to lower these turnover costs by matching the right person to the right job. Our Prevue Assessments enable us to do this in a cost-effective way.

We see Fairwinds as a virtual “branch” or “department” of your company. We take care of the legwork which saves you time and allows you to do the things that have a higher return on investment.

Fairwinds believes that this partnership approach is a win-win for both parties. Because Fairwinds is a Training and Development solution provider, we are also able to provide in-house, customized training for your new recruits as well as your existing team.

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