HR Consulting

Fairwinds will help develop in-house Human Resources Systems such as recruiting, performance management and succession planning. Online and computer-based HR systems are also available through Fairwinds.


We provide comprehensive recruitment services for both large and small companies. Companies can choose to use our services from start to finish or for individual services… see full description

Performance Management System Development

Fairwinds will work with internal management to assess the current system, develop a new system or implement improvements in any or all of the following areas… see full description

Succession Planning

Fairwinds will help organizations determine how to manage a changing workforce. Preparing for the future is not only for the organization, but for individuals as well… see full description

Human Resources Policy Development

While many people shudder at the utterance of the “policy” word, there is a huge benefit to every organization in having the policies relating to their people clearly defined and communicated… see full description