Step 1 – Awareness → Step 2 – Strategy → Step 3 – Development → Step 4 – Results

Why Measure Results?

Results allow you to deliver on your goals. Useful questions to help identify results are, “What will I be getting out of this?”, and “What is the return on the actions I took?”.

Tracking Success

Success for most must be monitored in order to be meaningful. Self-tracking stimulates self-awareness and one’s inner need to feel like they are getting ahead and staying in control. Yet some people like keeping score just for the sake of keeping score. Many paying spectators sit in the Major League baseball parks of North America keeping statistics and game sheets for the shear enjoyment of it. These measures have even more of a value when compared to a standard or a benchmark of success. In short, the batting average is a measure of one’s output at the plate, the result of the activity of getting up there and taking your cut at the ball.

If the measure indicates a slump in performance or output, it does not always mean it is time to make changes to the swing. It could mean it is time to change expectations or develop a new goal or strategy versus the new environment you have found yourself in. A minor tweak or adjustment in the action steps, although not providing immediate improvement, might produce improved results when looking at the big picture over twelve months. In fact, the delay between increased or altered activities that produce improved results may take weeks, months or even years. An example of this is an Olympic Athlete who only gets to showcase their talents and compare themselves to others every four years. The process at times can be complex and trying on the psyche because it does not always mean instant gratification in the short-term.

If no improvement to results has been made over time, or if the journey that was mapped out has not reaped the desired benefits, re-evaluation of the actions taken must be made and perhaps even a new destination is determined. When you don’t monitor results, you run the risk of keeping your head buried in the sand while someone else’s change is thrust upon you.

Patience and Discipline

It takes focus, attention, discipline, determination and often courage to sit back and review what results have been actually accomplished. The tracking of what is happening day-to-day requires that we roll back into awareness mode to be conscious of what is really going on. Without the re-examination of the data, we are like a rudderless boat drifting aimlessly off course, unable to deliver on the dream and never reaching the desired destination.

“The end point is the beginning.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb