Step 1 – Awareness → Step 2 – Strategy → Step 3 – Development → Step 4 – Results

Why Awareness?

Awareness allows you to discover and assess where you are in your current business cycle, both internally and externally. A useful question to increase consciousness and bring awareness to your current situation is “What is happening to make things go right / wrong?”

The Traditional Model

Western business culture has always placed a strong emphasis and value on knowledge and intelligence. This traditional model has been one of analyzing the situation and then deciding to make plans that eventually lead to action. This approach has served us quite well over the years, but this approach has its pitfalls as well. The danger is that both people and businesses, when planning, tend to use data or knowledge that is too broad or too narrow or, in worse cases, is limited, stale-dated and not validated. When this occurs, people tend to dismiss the action plans that are developed because they feel the course of action set for them is either unrealistic or highly improbable. People then resist acting on what has been laid out for them.

The Contemporary Model

To have an edge in the modern era, one must get everyone moving in a positive direction. All must be seeing and believing the same things about the situations they find themselves in. This building of a mutual belief system often requires a shift in thinking and attitudes in order for people to buy into the direction being set for them.

To truly understand “buy-in” for both people and organizations, one must begin to explore and discover the power of the inner dimensions to be fully aware of what is really going on to make things go right or wrong. People must first make a truthful, candid look both inside and outside themselves and the organization.

To explore all facets of this vision one must be more: cognizant, conscious, awake, alert, watchful, vigilant, which all suggest that awareness is more of a mental state of mind. To discover these inner truths, and make the successful transition to willing performer, we must first access what we are all innately capable of and discover where our true inner strengths and weakness lay.

In every situation, there is a possibility of improvement; in every life the hidden capacity for something better. True realism involves a dual vision, both sight and insight. – Lester B. Pearson